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Eating Pork'n'Puha with Chopsticks

Television (Full Length) – 2007

This documentary follows four generations of the Lee family, whose whakapapa includes Ngāti Mahuta and Chinese.  Academic and te reo speaker Jenny Lee-Morgan explores the forging of the two cultures through the marriage of her Chinese grandfather and Māori grandmother. Lee-Morgan's family talk about facing racism, fitting in to a Pākehā world and how it feels to be a Chinese-Māori New Zealander. Family members travel back to Southern China to visit relatives and experience a world where they suddenly "blend in". Lee-Morgan's brother Peter worked on the documentary, including filming and editing.

I felt Māori at high school, my friends were Māori and I was just on a daily basis involved with Māori things ... I think I knew I was Māori more than I knew I was Chinese.
– Peter Lee reflects on his identity as a teenager

Key Cast & Crew

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Joanna Paul-Robie


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Brent Iremonga

Sound Recordist

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Frank Phipps

Sound Operator

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Larry Parr

Executive Producer

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Eruera Morgan

Production Manager

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John Ramsay


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Freckle Films