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Elephunk in My Soup Low Profile, Music Video – 1984

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Very cool to be able to share this with my kids. My son was kidding me "I have no friends, but I have the internet" and I answered "And I can do elephunk". They of course looked at me blankly. And I was pleased to be able to show them this.

Carla Melton

Carla Melton 25 Jun 2017 - 11.14am

I remember the 80s. I remember Willie Keddel and Chris Barrett. Worked with them once or twice. I also remember a more rootsey version of Elephunk. I saw it on YouTube years ago. Where is it.?....did the lawyers or bots working for the Black Eyed Peas hide it. Please, NZ On Air, just show the whole story...

Gregg MacPherson

Gregg MacPherson 7 May 2017 - 03.50pm

A wonderful ear-worm that has been in my brain (playing its wash-hose) for 30+ years! Great to see the video again.


Leon 3 Jan 2015 - 06.38pm

that was how they rolled in those days...old fav!

Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner 3 Dec 2014 - 08.29pm

Mike Farrell (Mick) was one of the very good musos of wellie and I recognise two others from earlier days also. Cheers wellie-keith

Keith McKee

Keith McKee 26 Sep 2014 - 08.05pm

I am a professional wash hose player because of this song lol

Cappen Kirk

Cappen Kirk 20 Jul 2014 - 06.23pm

Hi danopatoni,

Our licenses are not for YouTube use. We acquire our material from copyright owners and source the best quality videos available.

14 Oct 2013 - 12.44pm

This song is timeless. Come on nzonscreen, share this with the rest of the world on youtube!


danopatoni 12 Oct 2013 - 10.45am

I have loved this since it came out. I was bout 15. I think I love it more now than then. I have only now started to appreciate how amazing the vid is. I always loved it ... but now I'm starting to understand how really mindfuckingly clever it is.

But it will always be the tune that counts for me. And ......
Have you got your washose...... ??????????

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown 26 Jul 2013 - 04.44pm

I have been searching for this song for years! Thanks for posting it, it was one of my fav's when I was a kid in high school. They used to play it on JJJ in oz all the time back-in-the-day!


Justin 23 Nov 2012 - 02.21am

Someone needs to youtube this brilliance


Frank 4 Nov 2012 - 07.27pm



sonicjett 29 Oct 2012 - 06.56pm

Always loved this track.

Murray Cammick

Murray Cammick 20 Aug 2012 - 11.11am

Yay,been searching for this for years.
Steve and Progressive at their brilliant best.

Gerard Warren

Gerard Warren 11 May 2012 - 07.54am

Brilliant! Remembered this one today when looking at the shopping list that included:
1 can evap milk
1 can creamed corn
Felt compelled to add "I can do elephunk"

Got a totally blank look from my significant other who's a few years younger and obviously missed this classic! Oh well, I've got my washhose.

Rod Mckay

Rod Mckay 10 Mar 2012 - 09.29pm

I've been waiting for a number of years for some kind soul somewhere to post this.
What a hoot.
Off the cuff classic.
Wohooo for wash hose

Dave Brown

Dave Brown 4 Dec 2011 - 07.23pm

I remembered this just a few minutes ago while talking to my kids. They watched the video and thought it was "random". They are now bouncing around the house stating that the've 'got their wash hose". Really cool to see this again. Ahh Radio With Pictures!

Tony Jemmett

Tony Jemmett 16 Aug 2011 - 08.49pm

Exellent remember this on radio with pictures many years ago

Albert Crane

Albert Crane 1 Jun 2011 - 08.28pm

fabulous just as i remember bloody brilliant wohooo

dorothy holder

dorothy holder 14 Nov 2010 - 04.42pm

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