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Everyone's Gonna Wonder

The Avengers , Music Video – 1967

from the single Electric Recording (1968)

‘Everyone’s Gonna Wonder’ was penned by part American, part Kiwi Chris Malcolm, who passed through New Zealand in 1967. Busking in a Wellington wharf coffee house, he spied "a starry-eyed couple sitting, staring into each other’s eyes and totally oblivious to the surroundings, so I wrote a song about them". After HMV producer Nick Karavias heard it, it became the debut single for his young charges the Avengers. Made quickly after the song was nominated at the Loxene Golden Disc Awards, this promo films a studio session. On the back of lush vocal harmonies, the track rose to number seven on the Kiwi hit parade.

The record was held back and submitted within hours of the nomination deadline, which effectively made it the newest release of the batch and if all went well it would peak at the right time. I got them into the studio within a day or two of the announcement.
– Director Christopher Bourn shooting the music video after its Loxene Award nomination, AudioCulture website, 28 May 2024

Key Cast & Crew

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Christopher Bourn


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Peter Boden


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Peter Janes

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Stephan Dean