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Hero image for Ewen Gilmour - Westie Legend

Ewen Gilmour - Westie Legend

Television (Full Length) – 2015

The way people talk now — in however many years it's been — about Billy T, I think we'll be talking about Ewen the same way.
– Comedian Jeremy Elwood on Ewen Gilmour
I call myself the luckiest loser I know, because all my life I was a loser, until I started doing comedy.
– Ewen Gilmour
I think he's a huge lesson to everybody about being authentic, about being who you really are.
– Comedian Michèle A'Court
I think the interesting about Ewen is that he started out as the quintessential Westie right — that was kind of his stage persona. And then he discovered that that was so powerful, he couldn't escape its gravitational pull. And Ewen became more Ewen than Ewen was ... he found that he was trapped inside that character and could never leave it....
– Jeremy Corbett
Ewen was a great comedian because he was ridiculously relatable and ridiculously uniquely New Zealand.
– Comedian Ben Hurley
He just walked out there, charmed everyone with his beauty, smashed the gig and then walked off the show of his life basically. It was the perfect comedian's exit.
– After Hours producer Jon Bridges on Ewen Gilmour's final gig, TV Guide, 1 October 2015
We filmed 21 comedians or more over the course of a few weeks and Ewen was on the last shooting of the last evening of the series — that was the night he died. I just thought, 'I don't just want to put this on After Hours and have it be like everybody else. We've got something special because it's Ewen's last gig.'
– Jon Bridges on saving material from TV series After Hours for this documentary, TV Guide, 1 October 2015