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Pulp Comedy Presents Ewen Gilmour

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

Self-described as “Ewen Gilmour’s not-so-special”, this episode from stand-up showcase Pulp Comedy praises Gilmour's beloved West Auckland. Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey even presents his Cultural Ambassador with the coathanger to the city. Nothing escapes the late comedian’s warm-hearted bogan barbs, from cerebral palsy to the Avon River. Also included are an ode to hitchhiking, George Mallory’s claims to have beaten Hillary, the love-making benefits of a goatee, flying high, stoned semen, westie Halloween and using the SPCA as a cattery.

They now want it to be known as Waitakere City, so that people will visit without realising that it’s West Auckland.
– Ewen Gilmour

Key Cast & Crew

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Ewen Gilmour


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Mandy Toogood

Director, Producer

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Simon Sinclair


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Simon Elson

Set Design

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Alan Burrows

Lighting Director

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Tony Wilson


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Produced by

Phoenix Television