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Hero image for Favourite Body Parts

Favourite Body Parts

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2003

For Rod it's an attractive pair of female feet. Kim is transfixed by a certain mouth shape. Jenny appreciates all kinds of posteriors, while Maria could watch muscly rugby players train all day. Documentary Favourite Body Parts sees Kiwis from all walks of life talk about what body parts turn them on and how their preference has influenced their sexuality. Director Jess Feast, who went onto helm Gardening with Soul and Cowboys & Communists, interviews straight and gay men and women about their visual and mental turn ons, and painter Sandro about his intimate yet bold paintings of female genitalia. 

I think some of the nicest hands I see are the hands on worn out old men — you know the brick layers and the labourers. Their joints are arthritic and their hands are calloused and they've got scars and you touch them and yet they're still quite soft. Some people like old cars — I like old hands.
– Hand surgeon Dr John Masters on his love for worn out hands

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