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Hero image for First Hand - Bedtime Stories

First Hand - Bedtime Stories

Television (Full Length) – 1995

I know that if Mike is chuckling there must be a lot of other people that get a bit of a chuckle out of it as well.
– Petone radio poet George, on measuring the quality of his rhymes
When was the last time I saw Oprah Winfrey and what did she say?
– How service station graveyard shift worker Lucas prepares for his customers
He's 23 and in the most unsought after job in radio: he's Mike Yardley, host of ZB midnight to dawn talkback. Every weeknight his audience of elderly insomniacs, the worried and night workers turn to him for conversation and counsel.
– Narrator Marcus Lush
Yes these braindead, bald-headed neo-Nazis who proudly parade the streets of Christchurch baring swastikas. Now scum is the only befitting label that comes to mind for these people. I'm sorry I can't put it more poetically, I'm sure someone out there can.
– Mike Yardley
To the doctor we had gone / Hoping he could sew it on / I moved around with such care / When I awoke it was still there...
– Radio poet George alludes to the John Wayne Bobbitt story then in the news