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First Hand - Just Words Television (Full Length) – 1994 Documentary

First Hand - Just Words

Television (Full Length) – 1994 Documentary

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Anne and Gordon left high school unable to read or write to a basic level. This documentary follows their progress with the Auckland Adult Literacy Scheme, and culminates with the pair sitting the written and oral exam for their drivers' licence. Anne found innovative ways around the kids' bedtime stories, but froze when it came to filling in forms. Gordon has been driving illegally for years; he wants to ace his drivers' test and finds an acceptance within the Adult Literacy Scheme he never did at school. The First Hand series has a stripped back style, using small cameras and crews.

Key Cast & Crew

Quite often I got snapped at because that wasn't filled in, you have to fill the whole slip in and most of the tellers took it as...they shouldn't have to do my job. When they bought out the cashflow cards I was so happy.
– Anne on hiding her poor reading and writing skills while visiting the bank