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Fish Out of Water (short film)

Short Film (Full Length) – 2005

Fish Out of Water manages to unfurl its light-hearted tale of young man and the sea, without a word of dialogue. Avoiding the morning traffic jams, our man (Nick Dunbar) finds peace by rowing each day to work in the city. But when a seductive blonde unexpectedly enters the picture, he finds his morning boat ride heading in unexpected directions. Directed by Lala Rolls (Land of My Ancestors), Fish Out of Water was invited to play in the 2005 NZ Film Festival, plus another 10 overseas fests. Victoria Kelly composes the brass and banjo-inflected soundtrack.

Wellington has an average of 173 windy days a year, so we were very lucky to get still water on the harbour for three out of our four shooting days. Also, the month we shot it had double the average rainfall, and a storm the week after shooting.
– Fish Out of Water press kit

Key Cast & Crew

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Lala Rolls


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Natalie Crane


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Stephanie Rountree


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James Ashcroft

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Elisa Kersley

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Chris Hiles


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Deep End Productions