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Hero image for Four Shapes for Four Spaces

Four Shapes for Four Spaces

Short Film (Full Length) – 1972

If they at least stop, and not be able to accept it and let it disturb them in some way then possibly I’ve got through.
– Canadian sculptor Tom Burrows
Possibly I could like to put a piece of sculpture in front of that building, but it wouldn’t be to make the people’s life more pleasant, it would be to make the people tear down the building.
– Canadian sculptor Tom Burrows
I’m interested, not in putting up a sort of monument to somebody, but to making the city more beautiful. And I’m not really afraid of using the word function in sculpture — I believe sculpture should be functional.
– Mexican sculptor Helen Escobedo
I am not applying shape to the stone. I am releasing the shape within the stone. I am helping the stone to open.
– Japanese sculptor Hiroaki Ueda