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K' Road Stories - Fritters

Web (Full Length) – 2015

After overhearing a parental argument which shows no signs of ending, a young boy (Nico Mu) decides to wander out onto the streets. Soon he is caught up in the K Road nightlife, clutching his sushi. Then a chance meeting with a talkative homeless woman (Verity George) and her dog offers him a new perspective. Inspired by an old woman who gave out mussel fritters to bus drivers, writer/director Karyn Childs set out with this short film to show K Road as a place where people of many backgrounds can feel they belong. Fritters was one of ten K' Rd Stories made in 2015.

The idea for Fritters came from a colourful old lady I once knew. She had a bus stop directly outside her house and would make mussel fritters for the passing bus drivers. She made many friends this way and it gave her a sense of connection and community.
– Writer/director Karyn Childs

Key Cast & Crew

Karyn Childs

Writer, Director

Verity George

As: Bag Lady

Nico Mu

As: Claude

Leela Menon

Producer, As: Claude's mother

Amy Barber

Sound Mix

Paul Smith

Post-Production Supervisor

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Produced by

Tuesday Best


Tuesday Best