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Loading Docs 2014 - Living Like Kings

Web (Full Length) – 2014


"After living on the street for 20 years, we're now tasting what it's like to live like kings. We're sleeping in fancy sheets, drinking champagne and living in mansions ... and we're f***ing loving it." This Loading Docs short film turns its lens on Cowboy and a group of homeless people for whom the 2010 Christchurch earthquake presented a luxury squatting opportunity. Director Zoe (Day Trip, The Deadly Ponies Gang) McIntosh's thought-provoking look at an aspect of the city where she studied screened on TV’s 20/20 and was shared by the UK’s Daily Mail.

I was motivated to make Living like Kings after hearing about a group of homeless who were squatting in mansions post earthquake. I loved the immediate contrast within that scenario [...] Making Living like Kings was a humbling and extremely enjoyable experience. The biggest pleasure was meeting the characters in Living like Kings. They're such a kind hearted and generous group of people. They had so many more interesting stories and facets to their personalities that I couldn't include within the three minutes.
– Director Zoe McIntosh

Key Cast & Crew

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Zoe McIntosh

Director, Producer

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Clint Rarm


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Julia Parnell

Executive Producer

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Anna Jackson

Executive Producer

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Julian Currin