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Hero image for God Defend New Zealand

God Defend New Zealand

Television (Full Length) – 2011

The product of an Irishman’s song writing competition during the 1800s, judged by three German guys living in Australia!
– David Farrier
This is a contribution to Australasian nationalism.
– Thomas Bracken, author, God Defend New Zealand
Races mixed living hand in hand, Aotearoa is New Zealand.
– Robert Steed’s alternative anthem
The reality is that in this first New Zealand edition from 1882 there are five verses in English and five verses in Maori. It’s actually saying: right from the beginnings of this it was something that both English and Maori could aspire towards. And so I see it as one of our founding documents.
– David Dell, Sheet Music Archive of New Zealand
Climbing up onto the dais the five-man John Hunter said: I suppose they’re going to play that Pommie song. And then suddenly they didn’t. They played our song. And it made a huge difference to us.
– Dick Joyce, Rowing Eight gold medallist, 1972 Olympics