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Hero image for Golden Boy (Comedy Pilot Week)

Golden Boy (Comedy Pilot Week)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2018

It's a comedy about this 26-year-old woman who is trying to feel important, yet she's kind of being swallowed up by the celebrity of her little brother. She comes back with all her brilliant ideas, and she's trying to change a town that doesn't need or want to be changed.
– Director Jackie Van Beek on the premise of Golden Boy, The NZ Herald, 13 September 2018
It's not that easy getting respect from a team when they're all Dads and you're not...
– Aussie Dave (Dean O'Gorman) has a credibility problem in his role as high school rugby coach
The aliens and I made wild, glorious animalistic love for days on end in the ship then they beamed me back down to the farm and they left...
– A Crawdon local (Justine Smith) talks about her weekend
Are you ready to talk to me about your relationship with my brother — in depth — for my mother's newspaper?
– Mitch (Hayley Sproull) chases a big story for The Crawdon Chronicle