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Hang on a Minute Mate Television (Full Length) – 1982 Adaptation Drama

Hang on a Minute Mate

Television (Full Length) – 1982 Adaptation Drama

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In this film two Kiwi larrikins, Sam and Jack (Alan Jervis and Pork Pie's Kelly Johnson) go on a road trip, seemingly fuelled by blokey banter. A pit stop at Hokonui Pub leads to shenanigans with a stolen road roller, varied shaggy dog stories and jail, before Sam has to return to the dreaded missus. The characters and scenarios were adapted from two of Barry Crump's novels featuring anti-hero Sam Cash: Hang on a Minute Mate and There and Back. Mate was made for TVNZ, and screened in late 1982. Pub spotters will appreciate the pub's high pressure hoses and five ounce glasses.

Key Cast & Crew

Alan Lindsay

Writer, Director, Producer

Kelly Johnson

As: Jack Lilburn

Alan Jervis

As: Sam Cash

I’d rather go to bed with a wet dog and cook me own tucker.
– An example of Sam’s homespun wisdom

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Produced by TVNZ (Hang on a Minute Mate Film Partnership, with the assistance of the Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand)

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