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Hero image for Havoc Luxury Suites & Conference Facility - Episode Six

Havoc Luxury Suites & Conference Facility - Episode Six

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

To me it looks like they cobble it together on a Friday and probably are on wacky baccy as well.
– Radio talkback caller Bob offers his opinion at the opening of the show
I'm Jeremy Wells and welcome to Expelled...with Jeremy Wells.
– Newsboy introduces his "hard-hitting" current affairs segment Expelled
Who would have thought that a bunch of out-of-its on a bus would go on to do so well in their chosen fields?
– Mikey Havoc introduces legendary Blerta member turned director Geoff Murphy
Real issues, real panel beaters...
– Mikey Havoc introduces talk show segment The Panel Beaters
I loved making the telly that I made, with the people I made it with. Creating stuff that people really liked from ideas we came up with was such cool fun. I'm really proud of that work. The best TV I ever made was Jeremy [Wells] and I trying to make 10 of our friends laugh.
– Mikey Havoc on making TV shows with Jeremy Wells, The NZ Herald, 5 November 2013
In many ways we were just a group of people living off our wits ... we weren't being paid so we could do what we liked, and that's very important.
– Geoff Murphy on the Blerta era
...there was a continuous battle that we always fought, and that was the battle between anarchy and structure ... Bruno was a great protagonist of the anarchy theory right — the less you organise it, the more chaotic it is, the higher the peaks of your performance are going to be ... but, if you're doing 20 shows like that, ten of them are going to be bloody terrible.
– Geoff Murphy on Blerta founder Bruno Lawrence's favoured approach to performing
I don't know how we find anything in this joint.
– Jason Gunn from Jason's Tinny House delivers the next joke
Does smoking say "I'm a young leader, I've got something to say and I'll say it to damn well whoever I like"?
– Mikey Havoc puts the hard questions to Trish Fraser from anti-smoking organisation ASH
Havoc finally parted ways with Wells after one final series together — Havoc Luxury Suites and Conference Facility — and the pair left a legacy of groundbreaking, if sometimes controversial television. Among the stunts was one in which they used the news reporter’s van for a fake story about Wells visiting a prostitute. In another, they broke into a factory chicken farm.
– Writer Gareth Shute, in his AudioCulture profile of Mikey Havoc, 13 February 2020