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Hero image for Havoc Luxury Suites & Conference Facility - Episode 10

Havoc Luxury Suites & Conference Facility - Episode 10

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

Hey do you want to know what's out of it? The Prime Minister got given a kauri this week as well. That's out of it.
– Mikey Havoc muses on his birthday gift of a young kauri tree
Hi girls, how are you? TV's great, isn't it?
– Mikey Havoc meets up again with 'Sarah and Julie' in Christchurch
If you're enjoying watching us dig this hole and plant this tree ,you may want to look at some of the prime time gardening shows on television...
– Mikey Havoc comments on the extended tree planting segment
You know this whole motorbike sequence has taken two minutes out of a 22 minute commercial half hour which is about 35,000 dollars...so we'll run it for longer.
– Jeremy 'Newsboy' Wells gets meta and comments on a sequence in Cornwall Park
Despite the so-called security...as you can see here this flax, this GE flax is getting out...which goes to show there's no such thing as a safety buffer zone.
– Newsboy goes undercover to bust myths about GE planting in Canterbury