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Hero image for Helen Kelly - Together

Helen Kelly - Together

Film (Trailer) – 2019

I haven't been wearing it much, I've mainly been wearing my bald head.
– Helen Kelly describing her beanie
We think, 'oh, they don’t like being told what to do so we’re not going to tell them what to do.' And then they kill 20 people in a year and then we go, 'maybe we should tell them what to do'.
– Helen Kelly, talking about Pike River mine management
What many of us New Zealanders like to flatter ourselves we are like, Helen actually was… equally open to the humanity of everyone she met, brave about speaking her truth regardless of whether anyone else agreed, always prepared to stand up for her mates, kind and generous.
– Director Tony Sutorius describes Helen Kelly, Flicks website, 8 July 2019
What will stay with you from Helen Kelly: Together isn't the details, the victories, or the battles yet to win. It will be the sheer quality of Kelly's spirit ... Tony Sutorius might not have made the definitive biopic of Kelly, but he and his team have made a fascinating, illuminating and often humbling record of a life being superbly lived. Very recommended.
– Graeme Tuckett, in a four star review of the film, Stuff, 28 July 2019