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Gloria Short Film – 1990 Dance

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In this film, choreographer Douglas Wright's work Gloria is recorded on camera by Alun Bollinger (a rare directorial effort from the Heavenly Creatures cinematographer). Vivaldi's Gloria RV589, a hymn to praise the birth of Christ, scores a yellow and black flurry of limbs, and gestures: the lens tracking from gymnastic leaps to rest to mark a cycle of life. The work was shot soon after Wright returned from his dance OE and formed the Douglas Wright Dance Company. The screening attracted attention from morals groups concerned about nudity on TV.

I had to go away from these men and their companies [Paul Taylor, DV8] to do my own work, instead of their work. I have made pieces like Gloria which I consider to be my apprentice masterworks, out of the studio of Paul Taylor, so to speak. Those deep influences have provided a bridge for me to the works that are really my own.
– Douglas Wright, in a 16 February 1996 Landfall interview

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Top Shelf Productions


Vivaldi's 'Gloria' in 'D' performed by:
Organ: Janet Gibbs; Violin: Bruce Corlett; Viola: David Daniel; Oboe: Robert Orr; Trumpet: Dan Williams. Soloists: Alto: Flore Edwards; Soprano: Sandra Shern