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Hey Paris Short Film (Full Length) – 1987 Experimental Dance

Hey Paris

Short Film (Full Length) – 1987 Experimental Dance

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...part documentary, part stylised drama. It is an adaptation of a dancer rather than a documentary about a performance. Nicholas and Wright have been friends for several years but they only got talking about this project recently in New York where the dancer was working and where the film-maker was receiving an award.
– Barbara Rogers in The NZ Herald's Faces column, 7 December 1987 (before filming)
In Douglas Wright's wittily ingenious new Hey Paris set to music by Albert Ayler, Al Hirt and Conlon Nancarrow, the two lovers rarely strayed from each other. Tussling, flirting, they embodied most of the contemporary signs and symbols that distinguish gender and suggest appropriate sexual behaviour. Most amusingly, the two together intertwined to make up a complete nude or dressed body, with Debbie McCulloch in a bowler hat and trousers and Mr Wright in a shirt and skimpy dance belt.
– New York Times review of Wright's original dance Hey Paris