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History Man

Television (Excerpts) – 2004

When you say pākehā I think he was very much māori. In his manner he was very much māori because he felt it inside him in his heart because of the researching that he had done and the truth came out. And in a lot of, well in my eyes particularly, he was more māori than pākehā.
– Interviewee in Panguru
It was absolutely critical that it be readable and accessible, that it be a single volume by one author, that it be the story of Aotearoa, New Zealand. And he knew what he was doing and he tackled it in that way. And it's the consummation of his writing, it's the consummation of his history
– Geoff Walker, publisher, on Michael King writing The Penguin History of New Zealand
I felt that even on this trip photographing moko, that I was with someone who was singleminded in his commitment. This was his chosen ambition and he wanted to be a writer and he wanted to be a historian.
– Marti Friedlander