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Hotu Painu

Television (Full Length) – 1988

Pita Turei's wide-ranging documentary explores the history of nuclear testing in the Pacific — and its relationship with French colonialism in Tahiti (which locals claim has made them strangers or "Hotu Painu" in their own land). There is compelling testimony of serious health effects from previous tests; and Turei's cameras follow a Greenpeace protest flotilla to Moruroa as the French keep watch. Interwoven throughout is the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior and its aftermath, as DGSE agents are tried and the ship finds a final resting place at Matauri Bay.

The old people say Moruroa was a very beautiful island. Now the homeland of those who gave life to me has been desecrated.
– Tiare Rua

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Douglas Owens

Douglas Owens

Camera, Producer

Generic Profile image for Saskia Kouwenberg

Saskia Kouwenberg

Editor, Research

Generic Profile image for Pita Turei

Pita Turei

Producer, Camera, Editor, Director

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Ellen Philips


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Brian Latham

'Breeze' Camera

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Barry Harbutt


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Produced by

Paradise Films


In association with The Short Film Fund of The New Zealand Film Commission and with the support of The New Zealand Lottery Board


Includes songs by Module Music.

'Radiation' by The Topp Twins. 'Night Passage' by Tama Renata