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Hero image for How Bizarre - The Story of an Otara Millionaire

How Bizarre - The Story of an Otara Millionaire

Television (Excerpts) – 2014

...he was from Otara; Otara has always been seen as the Bronx, you know, a place without flowers ... he took everything to a new level, because he had everything going for him: because he was very handsome, and he didn't look Polynesian. He had the moves, he was outspoken, but he was also a really good writer.
– Niuean-born artist and writer John Pule on Pauly Fuemana
Dreams can come true — you know if someone from Otara can become number one in America, and across the world, you can do it as well. You just gotta have that desire and then put in the hard work...
– Musician Johnny Sagala
I go round and pick him up from his council flat, where he’s still living on 200 bucks a week, and we hop on a business class plane and fly off to do Top of the Pops — the word was bizarre, the whole thing.
– Huh! music label boss Simon Grigg
When he went on that journey he took pretty much Otara and a bit of all of us with him.
– Rapper and friend Herman Loto Sakaria (aka Ermehn) on Pauly Fuemana's success