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Hudson and Halls - A Love Story Television (Full Length) – 2001 Documentary Captioned LGBT

Hudson and Halls - A Love Story

Television (Full Length) – 2001 Documentary Captioned LGBT

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For those interested, the edition of Noel Edmond's House Party (tx: BBC1 06/02/1993) which featured Hudson & Halls was transmitted live and features David looking back at the clip and laughing away at it. In the introduction to the clip David claims that both he and Peter didn't enjoy it at the time, however they eventually saw the humour in it. David also claims that Peter (who had died the previous year) would have wanted the clip to be shown. This of course contradicts what some of the interviewees had to say in the documentary.

David French

David French 5 May 2018 - 12.39pm

I grew up watching these two men and thought they were funny and very entertaining. As a child I was quite taken by their antics and wondered what had happened to them as I got older. They were perhaps my first foodie heroes! A very informative and lovely documentary, it's just so sad that Peter and David are no longer with us.

Richelle Bremner

Richelle Bremner 23 Nov 2015 - 03.42pm

I used to socialize with them in Auckland and I was so amazed by what a genuinely nice pair they were. Peter was such a friendly guy as was David, that their fate was just about as cruel as it gets.

Is interesting to see so little on the net about them, Wikipedia's entry could not get any shorter!, couldn't Juliette Monaghan who wrote the script for the documentary put some detail into the Wikipedia article, they really do deserve to be remembered with real fondness, and affection, forgetting all the TV hoopla they were very special guys, and their story is worth telling but there is nothing on the net abut them with any depth.

By the way where can I buy the doco?

JF Sebastian

JF Sebastian 8 Nov 2012 - 02.52pm

I never saw this go to air back in 2001 ?.
Did i miss it ??, it would look good on TVNZ Heartland.


thevisitor 16 Jun 2010 - 05.34am

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