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Ice TV - Best of

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1998

Ice TV was a popular 90s TV3 youth show hosted by Petra Bagust, Jon Bridges and Nathan Rarere. This 1998 'best of' sees a 20/20 satire (a world's biggest bonsai trees scam); Bagust meets Meatloaf, Bridges meets American brothers boy band Hanson, visits a 'storm-namer', and they both go on Outward Bound; Rarere road tests Elvis's diet (peanut butter and bacon in bread, deep fried); plus the trio go to the zoo and gym to discover why humans are the "sexiest primates alive". Included is the show's trademark sign-off, where L&P bottles are subjected to various stresses.

It was one of the first times when you could actually give a camera to the talent, and they could film something. Before that the technology wasn't up to it. So we would run around with these cameras, film stuff ourselves, and with a little bit of hesitation and mistrust from the powers that be at the network and the editors ... we'd ended up putting that stuff on TV.
– Ice TV presenter Jon Bridges, in an extended interview for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy

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