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Illustrious Energy Film (Excerpts) – 1988 Drama

Illustrious Energy

Film (Excerpts) – 1988 Drama

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A really memorable film. Beautiful.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards 20 Dec 2014 - 07.58pm

Did I see they are going to do a digitally remastered version of this film to be released in cinemas?

Emily Holden

Emily Holden 11 May 2013 - 04.53pm

You can purchase Illustrious Energy (remastered) on DVD from here:

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 24 Apr 2012 - 10.05am

As of 07 April, 2012, a digitally re-mastered dvd is available for purchase.
For further details go to:

Charles Eggen

Charles Eggen 9 Apr 2012 - 09.47am

Would love to find a Tape or DVD. Excellent film seen on big screen and also on TV


Yvonne 26 Nov 2011 - 04.41pm

We have bought VHS copies from NZFC in the past - but they were very expensive.
The film is diffuclt to buy because it has only recently been recovered after being lost. Soon after it was completed it went overseas (along with other NZ films) as part of the assets of Mirage Entertainment, NZ's only local distribution business. The govt of the day preferred to sell rather than bail out the enerprise. Thus even though NZFC largely financed the film they lost both the final print (there was only one) and, I suppose, copyright.
So far, as I understand it, 8 NZ films have been located overseas including this one. But it is difficult to find out who owns copyright or to buy the DVD, which, as I understand it, has been made from the original film after further post pro (which was not completed at the tme due to budget restraints).
I emailed the NZFC again a few weeks ago but have not had a reply.

Brenda Allen

Brenda Allen 5 Nov 2011 - 02.34pm

Surprised there are not more comments . I am a Chinese - Maori my Grandfather had to pay a poll tax. I have found it hard to buy ,Why??

James Lee

James Lee 19 Oct 2011 - 05.58pm

@Sally just below and to the right of the video player you'll see a BUY IT tab - there's info in there for where to buy this film on DVD.

12 Aug 2011 - 09.08am

This is a wonderful film. How can I buy a copy of the dvd?

Sally James

Sally James 7 Aug 2011 - 01.02pm

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