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Intrepid Journeys - Cambodia (Kerre Woodham)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

Kerre Woodham hits Cambodia in this full-length Intrepid Journey. After sampling Vietcong tunnels in Vietnam, the self-confessed lover of home comforts crosses the border and confronts Cambodia's rough roads. Feeling guilty about complaining in a country that has endured so much, she is moved by the strong and joyful spirit of the people: 'they don't need pity, they just need a break.' Woodham visits former Khmer Rouge prison S21, makes a friend at "the Queen of Cambodian ruins", Angkor Wat, and has a memorable visit to an isolated, decaying French hotel.

In other genocides, there is a clear "other" group - another ethnic group or religious sect that become the enemy. Here, your neighbour or your parents - someone the same as you - becomes the enemy. Anyone could denounce you and the line between life and death becomes increasingly fine and the criteria for being denounced became increasingly arbitrary and random.
– Kerre Woodham on the genocide led by Pol Pot, in her Cambodian travel diary

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