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Hero image for Intrepid Journeys - Sumatra (Rachel Hunter)

Intrepid Journeys - Sumatra (Rachel Hunter)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2012

...we all love the comforts of life, but the rawness of this kind of travel has really been very, very good for me.
– Rachel reflects on the trip, at the end of the episode
The longhouse, to me, exemplified what family life should be. To live in that environment, and to eat and see people share responsibilities; it was really, really touching and I could probably have stayed there for a long time.
– Rachel feels at home in the village of Dokan
Off to the jungle to stay the night in the jungle tonight, which is kind of a little bit nerve-wracking after the deal with the leeches yesterday, it's kind of like… what else is gonna be in there?
– Rachel prepares herself for the jungle wildlife she may encounter on day seven
I've never, kind of, felt so comfortable in an environment that I'm just so not used to.
– Rachel finds herself at home in the village of Dokan
You know, I think it's great to see a volcano. Whether you trek four hours to do it is another story.
– Rachel is attacked by leeches on a trek, on day six
He's gonna go shag his girlfriend and we were rustling around below him. I mean, you gotta respect that ... because it's not our territory, it's theirs, and they've got things to do, and they want to protect their young. You've gotta kind of respect their space, and just leave.
– Rachel leaves the orangutans in peace, so they can do their business
I love wildlife, but I'm not so great with the creepy crawlies.
– Rachel's guide Smiley gives her salt to fill her boots (literally), to help stave off leeches in the jungle
...you know, in the night time, they like to come under the tent because the plastic is warm. I have a trip staying here, and they don't realise. In the morning they have snake under their sleeping bag. Can you imagine? [laughter]
– Smiley tells Rachel horror stories in the jungle
I feel like I'm five in my dad's Zephyr right now, having like, beeping competitions.
– Rachel accidentally sits near the horn on a bus leaving the capital, Medan, early in the episode
This is worlds away from the life I know — communal preparing and cooking of food, and Smiley tells me traditionally even giving birth was a communal event; on a chair, outside of the longhouse.
– Rachel soaks in the family atmosphere in Dokan
There is nobody around to distract me at all...[it's] a world away from Los Angeles. Sometimes in my life, I've felt socially inept — something I think that may have triggered my deep love of animals. I've felt that for as long as I can remember.
– Rachel in Sumatra, early in the episode
Unfortunately, nature obviously has to take its course, but in some ways, it's better for him to be out facing life than be stuck in a cage, which is kind of a great metaphor in life: it's better to be out, fighting your battles and getting on with your life than be stuck in a cage.
– Eagles start circling a newly freed rare bird