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Intrepid Journeys - Yemen (Paul Holmes)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2008

In this Intrepid Journeys episode, broadcaster Paul Holmes brings his trademark stream of introspection and acerbic wit to the ancient cultures of Yemen in the Middle East. Holmes gets a lot of mileage from the country’s many curiosities: soldiers on patrol holding hands; the high volume manner of daily conversation and the ubiquitous Khat, a chewing plant known for its amphetamine-like effects. After changing into an outfit that has more in common with the locals, he suddenly feels much more welcome than before. 

My mother was very worried. But the amazing thing is I cannot recall ever going to a friendlier country than this. Even people who are taken hostage report that they're treated beautifully by the people who have taken them hostage. So they're welcoming even when they're holding you prisoner. Fantastic.
– Paul Holmes on Yemen

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