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It is I Count Homogenized - Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1983

Roughly four years after debuting on A Haunting We Will Go, Count Homogenized made a memorable re-entrance in his own series. This fifth episode has the simplicity of a good cartoon: disguised as a movable charity bin, the vampire endeavours to trick or talk his way past the local dairy owners, on his endless mission to make it to the milk supplies. Aside from Russell Smith in full comic flight as the Count, Lynda Milligan takes the New Zild accent in dramatic new directions as no-nonsense shopkeeper Rhonda Dearsley.

Is it not I, Count Homogenized, the Mr Muscle of the masses, who is making your untidy footpath a fit place to place a foot?
– Count Homogenized

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Kim Gabara

Kim Gabara

Director, Producer

Profile image for Grant Morris

Grant Morris


Profile image for Russell Smith

Russell Smith

As: Count Homogenised

Generic Profile image for Lynda Milligan

Lynda Milligan

As: Rhonda Dearsley

Generic Profile image for Tony Wahren

Tony Wahren

As: Douglas Dearsley

Generic Profile image for Philip Briant

Philip Briant

As: Policeman

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