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Hero image for It's Not a Monster, It's Me!

Raymond McGrath not only writes and illustrates children's books — he transports his characters from page to screen, via beautiful handmade animation and catchy melodies. It's Not a Monster, It's Me is a story about Sebastian, a scarey-looking but sensitive monster who wishes he could make friends. The characters from McGrath's book of the same name come alive, singing a jaunty guitar-led tune as "big-boned" Sebastian tells his tale. McGrath's video won McGrath his first award for Best NZ Children's Music Video. He later won again with Monstomping and Sprinkle a Little Sunshine.

It's a bit like when you read a story and you get this voice in your head for what the characters sound like. It's a way of giving your audience, 'this is what he sounds like, this is the character, this is what he's like'.
– Author Raymond McGrath on taking his characters to the screen, Stuff, 7 March 2017

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Raymond McGrath


Raymond McGrath