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Jesus I Was Evil Darcy Clay, Music Video – 1997

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Darcy (Daniel) had mentioned he was self recording a song when I bumped into him at DKD café, and a month or so later asked me to shoot him a music video as it had done pretty well on bfm and he was about to do a concert appearance for them. The concert footage was shot at the bFM summer series, using 16mm on a spring wound kodak K100. We also shot on a hi-8 and an VHS camera all the car footage and in O'Connell street and around Mt Eden prison. We had to abort the scene where we trying to get INTO Mt Eden prison with the visitors, when the prison officers spotted the camera and turned us away.

We also found a bizarre filming spot behind some buildings that people used to sleep rough, but there was also a container of theatrical props there that had been broken into. The idea was we would just roam around and film him doing stuff. Daniel (Darcy) did not like being on camera but endured the process by being goofy. As (Ian Bennett, the editor) mentioned in comments, we were still short of footage so used some elements of a short film I had shot which weirdly worked random but ok. I later had shot some footage of him rerecording some overdubs for the EP, with the plan of making a freaky mockumentary (Like the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour) but a short time later he passed on so that project didn't get far, though some footage of that got used in the 'Joeline' music clip (edited by Cushla Dillon.) Daniel had a nervous energy about him, and easily got sidetracked, but he knew how to put on a show and had a great musical gift.

David Gunson

David Gunson 24 Sep 2018 - 04.42pm

I edited this video.
I was working for Max TV and after work Daniel, David & I spent quite a few nights cutting it. Daniel [Darcy] self-shot most of the footage on VHS, David had a small amount of 8mm shot at an Albert Park gig, and once we'd run out of footage we threw in extra shots from a short David had shot (the guy at the stream, car guys etc). A correction, I got the whiskey as payment, I can't remember if I got the cash
- Ian Bennett


Ian 8 Jun 2017 - 06.52pm

The coolest song, video & artist in NZ music history. Only Darcy could come up with that psychotic chord progression. $250 video that kicked the arse out of a plethora of forgettable brain-dead candyfloss codswallop to follow. The Darcy is dead...long live The Darcy.


Bernmeister 11 May 2013 - 07.21pm

Such a great entertainer. He was good friends with my cousin.
Strangest death ever... he committed suicide while preparing to perform at an anti-suicide festival.


Wayne 7 Feb 2013 - 10.59pm



LIISA 16 Mar 2012 - 10.59pm

can't believe no one has commented on such musical genius. and i'm not being sarcastic. loved darcy clay since i first heard him 12 years ago. so f***in cool.

linda miller

linda miller 21 Dec 2011 - 08.24am

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