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Join Together - The New Zealand Commonwealth Games Story

Television (Full Length) – 2006

A friend of mine, one of my best friends was working at Family Planning at the time and a man was going in for a vasectomy and she said, “Sorry, honey, you’re going to have to wait. My friend’s racing”. So this poor bugger’s waiting for his vasectomy and everyone puts it on hold to come and watch my race.
– Anna Simcic-Forrest, Gold medallist at the 1990 Auckland Games.
I’ll always remember the crowd was chanting “black”. I thought, “My God, what are they doing? The guy in front of me is black and the guy in front of him’s name is Black. Get that sorted out”. But they went back to chanting “Tayler, Tayler”.
– Dick Tayler, Gold medallist at the 1974 Christchurch Games