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Kai Time on the Road (Series 10, Episode 26)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2012

Roving Maori chef Pete Peeti finds himself on Rakiura/Stewart Island in this instalment of his long-running te reo based cooking series. The area has kai moana in abundance, but Peeti is interested only in the rich orange flesh of the salmon. Following an entree of cream cheese and smoked salmon pate, the episode’s main course is a tour of the offshore sea-cage salmon farm at Big Glory Bay. It stocks 900,000 Chinook or King salmon — less one, which features in a Thai curry (with a side dish of sashimi) prepared for Peeti by the farm’s supervisor.

We took it out into the field because Pete is that real Kiwi bloke. He loves hunting and fishing, but he also loves to cook and somehow he manages to put it all on a plate in the middle of the bush and make it look like a four star meal.
– Producer Jo Santamaria

Key Cast & Crew

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Pete Peeti

Director, Presenter

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Reuben Collier


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Jo Santamaria


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Paurini Mutu


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Chris Porthouse


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Norman Mann


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