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Film (Trailer) – 2022


Anthology feature Kāinga explores what the concept of 'home' ('kāinga' in te reo) means to Asian-Kiwi families in Aotearoa. The writers and directors are Māori-Chinese, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Myanma and Tamil Eelam. The film is split into eight ten-minute shorts and spans half a century. Each story is set in the same suburban house, and explores a different immigrant experience of New Zealand. Kāinga follows on from acclaimed anthology films Waru and the Pacific-spanning Vai. It is the first feature film to be made available in full on the Radio New Zealand website.

I often say inside me I have the coloniser, the indigenous and the settler and I have lived with that my whole life, trying to 'be at home' but feeling unsettled, all these kind of tensions and understandings about place that are inside me and I feel like that was something that my grandparents also experienced and my Mum's generation as well.
– Writer Mei-Lin Te Puea Hansen on her mixed Chinese and Māori whakapapa feeding into her story in drama Kainga, RNZ, 20 August 2023

Key Cast & Crew

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Michelle Ang

Director - Candy

Generic Profile image for Hash Perambalam

Hash Perambalam

Director/Writer - Vena

Generic Profile image for Asuka Sylvie

Asuka Sylvie

Director/Writer - Mikasa

Generic Profile image for Ghazaleh Golbakhsh

Ghazaleh Golbakhsh

Director/Writer - Parisa

Generic Profile image for Angeline Loo

Angeline Loo

Director/Writer - Eva

Generic Profile image for Nahyeon Lee

Nahyeon Lee

Director/Writer - Soo Young

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