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Hero image for Kaleidoscope - Decade of the Enz

Kaleidoscope - Decade of the Enz

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1983

When we started planning it, we thought it might just be a token nod to the past, but it has really turned into a 10th birthday show. I’ve had to learn all those old songs that I’ve never played before.
– Neil Finn (Rip It Up, January 1983)
We never advertised for musicians — and I think it’s a bit of a fluke that there just happened to be this bunch of people that had the talent to carry it right through ... and the ideas and imagination and the songwriting talent.
– Mike Chunn (Split Enz founder member)
It would only be in His Majesty’s Theatre that you would expect to still hear these echoes. It was there that the wheels were set in motion and the blueprint forged.
– Mike Chunn (from his book Stranger Than Fiction: The Life and Times of Split Enz).