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Hero image for Kaleidoscope - Ian Mune

Kaleidoscope - Ian Mune

Television (Full Length) – 1989

If you try and do the safe version of movies or theatre — drama of any kind — you're doing the boring version, and the boring version nobody's going to come and watch. So the biggest risk is being boring.
– Ian Mune
You mustn't turn your nose up at commercials. Good commercials are a real challenge. You have to compact into 30 seconds as much as you can, and you have to get it in there with grace and style...
– Ian Mune on making commercials
The thing about adaptation is that you're got to realise you're not just transferring it from one medium to another — you have to absorb it and recreate it for a new medium. So the idea for me is that I read the book, I get to know it as well as I can ... basically read it, throw it out the window, then write it again as a movie.
– Ian Mune on adapting existing stories for the screen
...I should really give actors more space. They're all better than they think they are.
– Ian Mune on his weaknesses as a director