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Keskidee Aroha

Film (Full Length) – 1980

Keskidee were very disturbed by the Headhunters [gang]. The director protested that they were actors not social workers.
– Narrator Martyn Sanderson
The gang image was new for Keskidee. Most of them were amazed, fascinated by the dress and demeanour and the size of the gangs and the gang members — and after this initial reaction I think they may also have tasted fear.
– Denis O'Reilly in a contemporary report on Keskidee's NZ tour
I believe the Keskidee Aroha project provided a useful cultural dynamic at a crucial time. It helped many people take their anger and frustration and turn it from violent and destructive outrage into change fostering political theatre.
– Denis O'Reilly, blogging in 2009 on the influence of the Keskidee tour
I really enjoyed that, wonderful: as far as I’m concerned this was New Zealand. Nothing else… you’re New Zealand.
– Keskidee member Yvette responds to a youth group haka
... I’m just wondering now if I’ll ever come back to a sense of reality, that I will really be able to remember that I was really here, that it was real. And I think the only thing that will make it real for any of us on my side, or any of you on your side, or any of us together, is that some sort of meaningful — and I don’t even know what it is — exchange comes out of this.
– Keskidee representative at the Hokianga welcome