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If You're in it, You're in it to the Limit - Bikies Television – 1972 Documentary

If You're in it, You're in it to the Limit - Bikies

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This notorious film looks at '70s bikie culture, focusing on Auckland's Hells Angels (the first Angels chapter outside of California). These not-so-easy riders — with sideburns and swastikas and fuelled by pies and beer — rev up the Triumphs, defend the creed, beat up students, cruise on the Interislander, provoke civic censure, and attend the Hastings Blossom Festival. After a funeral, Aotearoa's sons of anarchy head back on the highway ... Bikies was banned by the NZBC, perhaps piqued by the public urination, chauvinism and PETA-unfriendly pig's head activity.

It does something to you that’s for sure. You get on a bike on a nice warm sort of a day and you start going pretty quick ... you get a feeling that’s something rare I think. You're free, you’ve got the wind around you and all that sort of carry on.
– An Angel responding to an off-screen prod that riding a bike is almost a sexual feeling

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Musicians: Simon Morris (guitar, vocal),  Bill Lake (bass guitar, vocal, solo vocal on 'I Will Not Think About Tomorrow'), Jeff Kennedy (drums) and John Charles (keyboards). Composer and music director was Ian MacDonald.