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Kiwis at War - Nancy Wake (Episode Two)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006

This docudrama explores the remarkable life of Nancy Wake, the Wellington-born journalist and war hero who joined the French Resistance and saved hundreds of Allied lives. In 1944 she worked for Winston Churchill's Special Operations Executive, running secret missions back into occupied France. Interviewed about her experiences, Wake is candid about her tactics and her claim of having a "wonderful" war. Her gutsy character is recalled by fellow spy Don Miles and her biographer, Australian Peter FitzSimons. Wake's achievements are reenacted, with Desiree Rose Cheer playing the spy in her prime.

As a wife of a Marseilles millionaire she was well equipped to ride out that war, to not get involved, to just close the door, have the champagne, have the lombards with milk, she could have done that and yet she didn't, she put her own life at risk...
– Biographer Peter Fitzsimons on the dangerous war time choice made by Nancy Wake

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Sue Malcolmson


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Nic McGowan

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Gary Scott


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Desiree Rose Cheer

As: Nancy Wake

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John Hagen


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