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Hero image for Kiwis at War - Nancy Wake (Episode Two)

Kiwis at War - Nancy Wake (Episode Two)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006

As a wife of a Marseilles millionaire she was well equipped to ride out that war, to not get involved, to just close the door, have the champagne, have the lombards with milk, she could have done that and yet she didn't, she put her own life at risk...
– Biographer Peter Fitzsimons on the dangerous war time choice made by Nancy Wake
She had to overcome...the resistance of the Resistance, to a woman.
– Nancy Wake biographer Peter Fitzsimon on Wake's battle to prove her abilities in WW2
I've got one thing to say- I've killed a lot of Germans and I'm only sorry I didn't kill more.
– Mic drop from former WW2 spy Nancy Wake, as quoted by her biographer Peter Fitzsimons
I was a flirt, I was a deceptive flirt. But you see I know how to inspire a man and you wouldn't believe it now but I was good looking in those days and I got away with it, I got away with murder.
– Former WWll Resistance fighter Nancy Wake on her strengths and chutzpah.