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Landmarks - A Land Apart

Television (Full Length) – 1981


Presented by Kenneth Cumberland, Landmarks looked at New Zealand history through the landscape — and at man "coming to terms" with it. In this episode Aotearoa's "last, lonely, remote" geography is framed as a stimulus for ingenuity. A narrative of "triumph over the elements" finds its flagbearer in the DIY story of jetboat inventor Bill Hamilton. Cumberland is donnish but game in pursuit of telling landmarks: exposing seashells alongside the Napier-Taupō highway (700 metres above sea level) like a downunder Darwin, or in a gas mask on an erupting White Island.  

Key Cast & Crew

Wayne Tourell


George Andrews


Graham Orbell

Assistant Camera

Bernie Allen


Will Kong

Assistant Editor

Andrew Ennever

Sound Recordist


Landmarks was produced in association with The Department of Education and Fletcher Challenge Limited

Thanks to CWF Hamilton & Co Ltd


Music composed and conducted by Bernie Allen, and performed by the NZ Symphony Orchestra


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