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Loading Docs 2014 - Homing Web (Full Length) – 2014 Documentary

Loading Docs 2014 - Homing

Web (Full Length) – 2014 Documentary

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“How could I capture a New Zealand home in three minutes? Could I make a film without relying on standard documentary conventions of interview, cutaways and narration?” Inspired by the idea of making a more reflective, meditative piece for viewers watching on computers or phones, filmmaker Andrew Scott uses a single shot to move through a Kiwi summer home. There’s no one home but the minutiae of sound — from cicadas to the Mr Whippy tune — evoke the life of the place. Homing was made as part of Loading Docs, a series of short films designed for viewing online. 

Key Cast & Crew

Andrew Scott

Director, Producer, Editor, Sound

Andy Day

Sound Design

Anna Jackson

Executive Producer

What can we deduce about people from the spaces in which they live and the objects that surround them? What sounds breathe life into and exist within those spaces?
– Andrew Scott