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Loading Docs 2014 - Today Web (Full Length) – 2014 Documentary

Loading Docs 2014 - Today

Web (Full Length) – 2014 Documentary

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This short documentary observes a day in the life of Auckland’s David Lange Care Home. Near wordless, the impressionistic film tracks the residents, workers, sounds and rhythms of a world many New Zealanders inhabit: aged care accommodation. Directors Nick Mayow and French-born Prisca Bouchet met while working as editors; both have grandparents in rest homes. Today follows on from their award-winning doco Le Taxidermiste. Chosen for the London Short Film Festival, Today was made as part of Loading Docs, a series of shorts created for online screening.

Key Cast & Crew

Nick Mayow

Director, Producer

Prisca Bouchet

Director, Producer

Nigel Foster

Sound Consultant

It’s like a little town. Their bedrooms are like their house and the corridor is like the street, so even though people are living in common, they’re not really living in common.
– Co-director Nick Mayow, interviewed for The Wireless, 27 June 2014