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Loading Docs 2014 - Today

Web (Full Length) – 2014

This short documentary observes a day in the life of Auckland’s David Lange Care Home. Near wordless, the impressionistic film tracks the residents, workers, sounds and rhythms of a world many New Zealanders inhabit: aged care accommodation. Directors Nick Mayow and French-born Prisca Bouchet met while working as editors; both have grandparents in rest homes. Today follows on from their award-winning doco Le Taxidermiste. Chosen for the London Short Film Festival, Today was made as part of Loading Docs, a series of shorts created for online screening.

It’s like a little town. Their bedrooms are like their house and the corridor is like the street, so even though people are living in common, they’re not really living in common.
– Co-director Nick Mayow, interviewed for The Wireless, 27 June 2014

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Nick Mayow

Nick Mayow

Director, Producer

Generic Profile image for Prisca Bouchet

Prisca Bouchet

Director, Producer

Generic Profile image for Nigel Foster

Nigel Foster

Sound Consultant

Generic Profile image for James Hayday

James Hayday

Sound Mix

Generic Profile image for Anna Jackson

Anna Jackson

Executive Producer

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Julia Parnell

Executive Producer

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Produced by

Loom Films