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Hero image for Loading Docs 2015 - Dancing in the Dark

Loading Docs 2015 - Dancing in the Dark

Web (Full Length) – 2015

Celebrating the “transformative power of dance”, Dancing in the Dark centres on Peter Vosper, an inventor who has designed his own custom light suit as an outlet for his creativity. It also makes the perfect addition to No Lights No Lycra, an event where participants spend an hour dancing to upbeat music in the dark. While most dancers can’t be seen (as is the appeal of the event — dance like no one’s watching), Peter’s glowing suit takes centre stage and makes for quite the spectacle. The film is part of the Loading Docs series of shorts, made for exhibition online.

When the lights go out no one's watching you. You know you can get away with whatever you want. It feels like you are in some music video. It feels like everyone around you is an amazing dancer, super sexy, fantastically cool.
– Peter Vosper

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Duncan Cole

Duncan Cole

Cinematographer, Camera Operator

Profile image for Paula Whetu Jones

Paula Whetu Jones


Generic Profile image for Rowena Baines

Rowena Baines

Editor, Director, Camera Operator

Generic Profile image for Al McKay

Al McKay

Post-Production Producer

Generic Profile image for Angela (da Silva) Murphy

Angela (da Silva) Murphy


Generic Profile image for Gabriel Muller

Gabriel Muller


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