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Hero image for Loading Docs 2016 - Same But Different

Loading Docs 2016 - Same But Different

Web (Full Length) – 2016

It’s moved me to see the two friends struggling to find a new way forward. I think friendship is an under-explored area of transgender relations and I hope that my film challenges people to put themselves in Neil and Byron’s shoes.
– Director Louise Leitch
I want to be understanding and I want to support him where I can, so just giving it a chance to see what happens, how things evolve. It will be a different relationship but I’m sure we will still have a relationship.
– Neil
I was afraid of losing him as a friend. We’ve done a lot as two men together, and I’m not a man anymore so what does that mean for us?
– Byron
I do not trust Byron the way I used to, I would not tie on to the end of a rope with him at the moment.
– Neil