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Hero image for Logan Brewer - The Man Behind the Razmatazz

Logan Brewer - The Man Behind the Razmatazz

Television (Excerpts) – 1991

We turned Mount Smart Stadium into a marae concept, where the athletes would be brought in and welcomed … we welcomed them properly and told them a story about ourselves. They thought that idea was so good they're going to do it from now on apparently.
– Logan Brewer, on his design for the opening ceremony of the 1990 Commonwealth Games
The thing about the performing arts is, that it is never the work of one man; if you want to do that, you go off and paint or make pots. If you’re going to be in the performing arts, then it’s a collaborative effort. And the producer’s role is steering that effort, precisely to the very moment in time that it matters …
– Logan Brewer
I think that Logan is creative to the point of genius .... There are not very many people anywhere in the world who manage to move with grace between those two orders [commerce and art], and Logan does.
– Ian Fraser on Logan Brewer's work for Expo