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Long Way to Go

Liam Finn and Eliza-Jane Barnes (aka E-J) , Music Video – 2009

from the EP Champagne in Seashells (2009)

The rock 'n' roll' friendship of Liam Finn and Eliza Jane Barnes (daughter of Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes) began backstage as kids. In 2009 the duo released their EP Champagne and Seashells, following Finn's first solo album I'll Be Lightening. The EP came off the back of two years of constant touring for the pair, and the lyrics to the single 'Long Way to Go' are heavy with homesickness. Joe Lonie's video sees multiple versions of Finn and Barnes in the studio, moving between microphones, instruments and the sound desk. Warning; there's heavy use of rapid 'strobing' shots throughout.

I think a key to success, if there is a key to success, is the overall energy that is created by being confident enough to not give a fuck what people think, combined with not having expectations or pressures on your work. As soon as desperation enters the equation it gets so unattractive.
– Liam Finn in an interview with NZ Musician magazine, April 2014

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