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Hero image for Lost in the Garden of the World

Lost in the Garden of the World

Television (Full Length) – 1975

Making films is assembling dreams, nightmares, fears and laughs. You can play it all back and make your heart stop.
– Michael Heath
Well apart from television, I mean there’s really no feature filmmaking in New Zealand. I’m sure that a lot of people given the opportunity would come up with something.
– Michael Heath, speaking just before the dawn of another age (1975)
I am just accustomed to catastrophes ... I said I will have a weapon on me, and the first man who touches me, will drop dead with me. And so about 50 - 60 soldiers and policemen stood and watched, and no one dared to touch me and we filmed the scene. So that’s how we made our films.
– Werner Herzog, on making Signs of Life during a military coup in Greece