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Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1977

Parental Guidance

Solo is a story about three people on the edge of nowhere, struggling to decide how much of themselves to share with those they care about. Young Australian hitchhiker Judy romances solo Dad Paul, who finds peace flying fire patrol planes above the forest. Paul's precocious son reacts badly to losing pole position to Judy, and takes to the air. Inspired partly by the oft-painful times when we are "more acutely in touch” with our emotions, Tony Williams' romance helped launch the Kiwi movie renaissance. But as he writes in the backgrounder, there was no fun in filming it three times. 

Most people need less than they think.
– Jules Catweazle (Martyn Sanderson)

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Davina Whitehouse

Davina Whitehouse

As: Rohanna Beaulieu

Profile image for Martyn Sanderson

Martyn Sanderson

Writer, As: Jules Catweazle

Generic Profile image for Lisa Peers

Lisa Peers

As: Judy Ballantyne

Generic Profile image for Vincent Gil

Vincent Gil

As: Paul Robinson

Generic Profile image for Perry Armstrong

Perry Armstrong

As: Billy Robinson

Profile image for Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Director, Editor, Producer

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Produced by

David Hannay - Tony Williams Productions


Made with the assistance of the Seven Television Network (Australia), QE11 Arts Council (NZ) and the Solo Investment Fund.


Music by Robbie Laven, Marion Arts, Dave Fraser, Chopin, & Furber/Meyer/Charig.
Vocals on 'Mirage - Theme from Solo' and 'Angel' by Marion Arts.
'Fancy our Meeting' by Al Bowlley.